Analysis of domestic motorcycle quality defects

Time:2013-06-25 12:00:00

1. Domestic production cycle is short, and the joint venture imports of machinery and production cycle is short, for the foreigner manufacturing, Chinese production speed is "fast", shorter production cycle brings many unsolvable problems. For example: deformation of castings, castings abroad after need to place at least half a year before they can carry on the processing, because the casting molding after there will be a degree of deformation. Half year is the occurrence of deformation stage, half year and then carry on the processing, the processing after the completion of the degree of deformation will be tiny.

2. The core technology behind, said simply. Foreign mechanical positioning is to use a lot of things above a machine a baseline processing. And many of our factory needs about 10 processing link, behind a machining in the position as a benchmark. Each processing link are permissible error (typically 10 silk, which is one over ten of a millimeter (16), the margin of error is, however, can be 10, 10 silk can also be small.

3. 采购件 quality differ in thousands ways, said the street in front of the fire screws rusting problem, I am touched thousands of screws, eight years of domestic imports, Japan, Switzerland and Germany. Screw quality difference is very big, some screws can bad to what degree? 12 mm screw, is equal to the little finger so rough, probably I can use a wrench wring.

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