How to play the motorcycle industry value war?

Time:2013-06-25 12:00:00

At home, not only is the motorcycle enterprise, most of the industry are willing to set strategy, "en-masse" blindly copying other people's so-called advanced theory and successful experience. Has a channel is king, go to try very hard to build network; Said the brand is king, is to make advertising; Has a depth distribution, is to find the market sinking... Rush, coax, make every strategic convergence, model standards, and finally squeezed up a wooden bridge to compete on price.

In the final analysis, eliminated the root cause is that some enterprises fail to find the balance in the price and value. As is known to all, a consumer group is a corresponding price range, in a bad economy or consumer expectations are low income, consumers tend to buy low price products; In the economic environment is good, as incomes rise, consumer consciousness, the quality concept also constantly change, consumers will be up to their own consumption price buy moderate price and good quality products, even if consumers feel the value of the high price products, the price is low, their feelings about products will be discounted.

Price competition is the essence of "race" of product attribute, attribute and cost price difference is the product itself. When the motorcycle industry matures, the properties of the vehicle itself and the cost price will be more and more transparent. Type at this time, the "price war" brand will be unprofitable, no choice, because the brand itself has been peeling into an empty shell without soul.

Price is the mainly product value, long-term low price will let the customer price sensitivity lost, this also is many long-term low-cost sales less than expected. Consumers generally believe that high commodity prices, the quality is high, so the long-term low price could give consumers the sense with poor quality. Low price for some consumer at the same time, also will lose part of the consumer. Actually, consumers don't want to buy "cheap" products, but to buy "bargain" products, the real price is based on the "value", let the customer to brand the product itself has a rational recognition and attitude. Must be careful when product price adjustment, ensure the dual promotion of sales and profits, may not use a temporary reduction of avoid by all means lost long-term profit opportunities.

Today, the price war is a lot of good, this is the consensus of countries, the media, enterprises, motorcycle enterprises should be more focused on satisfying customers diversified demands, improve enterprise profit, increase the value of people's welfare; Focuses on a higher level of non-price competition, have independent intellectual property rights, increase the intensity of innovation, creates the brand value, to achieve industrial upgrading, it is also a media of motorcycle's vision of the market.

In a buyer's market under the background, takes the brand value, brand value, brand value has already become an important part of the motorcycle industry marketing.

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